Joe’s Place

My point of contact here in Utah has been Joesph Ostraaf.  We met some 15 years ago when I was still being represented by The Lane Gallery in Auckland. He was with a large group of BYU Fine Arts students and they were down in NZ on an art trip.

Our commonality struck with our affinity for Tonga – he has spent his two year mission there as a Mormon in 1978 and since then has often travelled back. His wife Melinda has also done her PHD on the plant life of Tonga – so between them their knowledge of much of Tonga’s arts and biology is very impressive.

Joe and his family are wonderful hosts. He has 6 children and together with their two youngest, Ethan (14) and Hannah (12), they live 1 hour south of Provo in a small rural town called Fairview, pop approx 2000. It’s a very dry landscape – the palette consists of varying shades of brown, tan and rusty ochre.

For our first night’s entertainment we out looking for elk or deer. Hmmmm….ok then! 😉 Admittedly the first group were behind fences but after the hawk, cranes, sheep, hares, horses, cows and goats we spotted some deer. And just so you know, Joe and his son Zac shot a deer not so long ago up in the hills with a bow and arrow!

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