Retail Therapy NYC styles

This is my second trip to NYC. 12 years ago Lyle and I spent 3 days here enroute to our 6 week trip through Europe.  It was pre 9/11 and yes, we went up those towers and the views were incredible. After the Dawn Parade I went to revisit the site to find a lot of construction work going on. It’s still a very poignant place to refind myself. This time round I have made a deliberate choice to stay above ground, walk everywhere and just simply ‘soak’ up all this city has to offer. The grid system is easy to navigate and how many of us know that this is a fabulous ‘people watching’ city. What New York is also re-known for is its shopping. There are a few stand out shops so far….one being ‘Anthropology’ down at the Chelsea Markets. The shop covered two levels and the eclectic array of garments, shoes, art books (there were heaps of them), furniture fittings, lamps, jewellery etc, etc was a visual feast. Walking up Fifth Avenue I stumbled across the flagship store for marimekko. As quoted the Finnish designer ‘Armi Ratia was a textile artist, managing director, creative director, wizard of words, publicity guru, visionary, maternal figure, and wellspring of inspiration. She has an incredible ability to decipher the mood of the times and sense future trends.’ I felt completely at home in the store – proceeded to duly buy a couple of cushion covers – and ended up showing the manager of the store my work. She totally got the connection and commented on just how many NZ customers visit the store.

I’m in love with the store and their design ethos. But it’s not rocket science to figure that one out!

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2 Responses to Retail Therapy NYC styles

  1. TonganMADE says:

    NYC beautiful place, i’ll have 2 check these stores out on my next visit.

  2. Rachelle says:

    Babe! I LOVE Anthropology and drool all over everything I see. I could just see your designs on their products. You should totally submit some design ideas. Corr! Now that would be a coup! You totally fit their kaupapa. Eclectic, bold, bright, earthy and handmade! Come on. Its prophetic. U got to do it. x

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